Tigra Plus 30 Capsules (When Life Hits You Below the Belt, Bloom Again)


  Tigra is a specific Food Supplement enriched in vitamin E and nutrients like specific Yam, Grape seed extracts, ligoelements and other vitamins selected for their synergistic specific action. There is a total of 18 separate ingredients in all. The exclusive formula is designed to act in the following way: Vitamin B1, Nutrients enriched in Phosphocholine (Acetylcholine recharge) and Vitamin E positively affect the nervous system to enhance Sexual Desire/Libido Natural extracts enriched in polyphenosterols (OPC and Yam) on an essential oil base and vitamin E work on blood system to facilitate Sexual Act/Erectile Function Zinc, vitamin E and plants (Damiana Aphrosidiaca Ginseng, Yam) work on tissues and sperm to heighten Sexual Performance by prolonging the act and enhancing the quality of sperm.